Entrusting to SSI the administrative functions allows to considerably increase the operational dynamism, both in economic and employment terms. All this translates into a tangible increase in efficiency and profitability, therefore, in an advanced business management. The SSI follows the Client in a personalized way, following the requirements in an always updated and transparent way.

A secretary available as if it were your dependence, only when needed and without the costs of structure and staff! A professional secretariat takes care of the agenda, responds to the phone calls as agreed with you and provides, according to the instructions given, to transfer the call to another number or to send a real-time communication of the message received.


Our Secretarial and Back office services

At our reception or at your company a / or secretary is available for:

Custom telephone response and real time communication of received messages;
Fax address, postal address and agenda management;
Transfer management with reservations;
Document digitization and copying service;
Purchasing office;