Entrusting to SSI the administrative functions allows to considerably increase the operational dynamism, both in economic and employment terms. All this translates into a tangible increase in efficiency and profitability, therefore, in an advanced business management. The SSI follows the Client in a personalized way, following the requirements in an always updated and transparent way.


Who is the service for?

To small and medium-sized companies to accounting and labor studies to tax and labor consultants to law firms for extrajudicial debt collection activities.The service is managed with innovative computer systems that allow rapid service and maximum transparency in the control of each activity by the customer even at the same company.

Organized in this way, the cost of administration becomes certain from the beginning of the collaboration with SSI and the risks and responsibilities related to the nature of administrative services are greatly reduced.


The advantages for the customer are:

focus attention on the core business , determining a saving of time and resources to be used in high added value activities;
reduce administrative management costs;
make available skills that are hardly available in the company;
gain greater control over activities and management functions;
do not depend on the know-how of individual employees;
use management and profitability indices.