Specialist area: management and organizational model Legislative Decree 231/01

Legislative Decree 231/01 ( Consulta le Slide ) provides that companies and entities can be held liable in relation to certain crimes committed or attempted in the interest or to the advantage of the Company of directors and / or employees. The Decree provides a safeguard mechanism for companies and organizations that have adopted or are adopting Organizational, Management and Control Models suitable for preventing offenses.


A team of professionals is able to assist you in drafting the 231/01 model


– training sessions and classroom information for company personnel on the issues / offenses provided for by Legislative Decree 231/2001 and by Legislative Decree 81/08 et seq. correctors held by experts in the field;

– planning and preparation of the documents of the Organizational Model 31/2001 e.g. Code of Ethics and Conduct, Risk Mapping, Manual of the Model, delegations, Procurements, Management Procedures, Protocols, Operating Instructions, forms, Rules of Operation of the SB, etc.);

– exposure and discussion in the company of what has been planned (check with the Managers and the personnel involved that what is reported, in operative terms, coincides with that which is the company reality); any changes and / or additions to what was planned and prepared in the previous phase;

– formalization and discussion with the staff of the units / functions involved in the part drafted in draft version (with the aim of ensuring that the company can test, operationally as foreseen and prescribed)

– realization of the final version of the documents of the Organizational, Management and Control Model, in the final version – Rev. 0, with the contribution of any changes or additions arising from the previous phase; necessary assistance in the implementation phases in the Company of the provisions of the Organizational, Management and Control Model documents;

– internal audits aimed at establishing the status of application, learning and effective functioning of the provisions of the Model 231/2001 documents;

– assistance in identifying and implementing specific corrective actions aimed at eliminating or resolving any deficiencies found during internal audits;

Furthermore, the degree of learning by the company personnel in the logic / themes of Legislative Decree 231/2001 will be assessed, from time to time, by our consultants (CP / Senior Consultants / Assistants) following the training activity – information – raising awareness through the distribution of specific questionnaires customized to the specific activities / tasks related to each of the employees.



For the purpose of a first rough assessment of the economic commitment regarding the adoption of a model 231/2001, it is necessary that the staff acquire the following documentation from the company, always in compliance with the privacy legislation:

1) Company / group presentation (brochure and / or equivalent);
2) Statute and Chamber of Commerce updated company / group;
3) Last three approved company / group budgets;
4) Organizational structure / group with the relative functions and tasks;
5) Existing internal procedures;
6) Risk assessment document and related obligations;
7) Quality certification.