Outsourcing management and organization of staff

A staff office able to perform not only the functions of processing payrolls and also the activities of training, recruiting and selection of human resources that are very often the vital factor of our companies.
The professionals of SSI are able to perform this complex function in full! Thanks to their experience and practice developed directly in the field, the SSI is able to perform directly in the offices of your company the function of human resources management ensuring a winning approach and suitable for corporate needs.



Outsourcing of services can be approached through the total delegation of administrative services and / or other services to our company.

The SSI already today provides outsourcing services to various companies, which is relieved of the task of managing the secretariat and back office, the processing of accounting data, the management of staff in all their management and complexity as well as ICT management.
To the main activities of administrative Outsourcing and secretarial and back office we add an important experience gained by our professionals in the following areas:

Law 321: Administrative responsibility of organization and control model companies;
Legislative Decree 81/2008: Consolidated Law on Safety at Work and Training;

ICT: ICT assistance also on the main accounting management and payroll;
Legal: judicial and extrajudicial credit recovery;
BTA: Business Technology Analyst;
Data Statistics Analysis;